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Step into a world where the timeless beauty of wood meets the durability and versatility of aluminium. Explore Knotwood, a unique solution brought to you by Zammit Metal Roofing Products Whether you opt for supply only or trust our expert installers for supply and installation, we cater to your needs. Connect with us today to uncover more about Knotwood.

Architecturally Inspired for Australian Homes


The Knotwood Aluminium Range

Zammit Metal Roofing is proud to supply Knotwood Australia’s most popular range of aluminium construction products.

  • Aluminium Cladding
    Add a touch of modern architectural elegance to your project with minimal upkeep. Enhance your home, office, or pergola with Knotwood's range of powder-coated wood-look products.
  • Aluminium Battens
    Elevate your project, improve its durability, or simply improve privacy with wood-look aluminium battens from Knotwood Australia. Transform screens, balconies, garage doors and pergolas with a range of powder-coated timber-look finishes.
  • Aluminium Decking
    Elegant and durable, Knotwood aluminium decking is the ideal choice for a stylish and modern deck. Enjoy the rich colour and appearance of timber without the need for extensive maintenance.

Aluminium Infused with the Essence of Wood

Knotwood introduces a revolutionary concept: Aluminium that not only replicates the visual appeal of wood but also captures its authentic texture and feel. Using a state of the art sublimation process, Knotwood creates architectural aluminium products that excel in environmental friendliness, safety, strength, and user friendliness, outshining traditional wood alternatives.

Eco-Friendly, Safe, Durable, and User-Friendly

Embrace sustainability without compromising on aesthetics. Knotwood’s wood-look aluminium is eco-friendly, offering a safer and more durable alternative to traditional wood materials. Its user-friendly design makes installation and maintenance simple, providing a hassle-free experience for builders and homeowners alike.

Nature-Inspired Palette

Knotwood presents an unparalleled collection of finishes, spanning from the natural tones of classic wood to the sleek allure of contemporary dark shades. Every finish is meticulously curated to mirror the diversity and splendour of nature, empowering you to select the ideal aesthetic for your project.

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Distinctive Finishing Options


A unique powder coat finish enabling effortless removal of most marks and graffiti.


A coating with hospital-grade quality incorporating silver ion technology, engineered to combat microbial growth. Ideal for heavily frequented locations like medical facilities, shopping centres, and public amenities.

Slip Resistant

A specialised powder coating finish offering a textured surface for enhanced slip resistance, available exclusively.

Easy Maintenance with Knotwood

Knotwood products are engineered for durability and minimal maintenance, giving you more time to enjoy your surfaces and less time on upkeep. The specialised finish guarantees long lasting performance and easy maintenance, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Advanced Coatings

Knotwood boasts a pre-finished, electrostatically applied powder coating renowned for its longevity, durability, and resilience. This coating, a result of meticulous preparation, expert craftsmanship, and advanced technology, ensures high resistance to scratches, stains, UV rays, and colour fading, guaranteeing years of outstanding performance with minimal maintenance.

Maintenance Recommendations

  • Knotwood does not need restaining, recoating, or resealing.
  • Keeping surfaces pristine involves regular washing with a soft brush and mild pH-neutral detergent, followed by thorough rinsing.
  • Cleaning frequency varies based on the environment; in low-pollution areas, cleaning every 12 months suffices, while high-pollution areas may need more frequent cleaning.

Maintenance Tips

  • Quickly rinse off paint splashes from exterior painting with fresh water.
  • Before use, test solvents on a hidden section of powder-coated surface to ensure compatibility.
  • Protect Knotwood decks by using mats or furniture pads to prevent damage from furniture legs, BBQs, or planters.
  • Refrain from dragging heavy objects across the deck and consider installing rubber stops on furniture legs.

By adhering to these care and maintenance guidelines, your Knotwood application is primed to offer many years of effortless maintenance while maintaining its visual charm.

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