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Skylights: Sun Tunnel



TWF Flexible Sun Tunnel - Skylights - Zammit Roofing Products
  • Choice of highly reflective rigid or flexible tunnel (350mm diameter, lengths vary – details on page 15).
  • 4mm toughened external glass.
  • Dual-layered ceiling diffuser – spreads light over an area of up to 9m2.
  • Interior diffuser with ‘Edge Glow’, a clear ring on the diffuser’s edge.
  • Outer polyurethane cappings with integrated flashings for tiled/ corrugated iron roofs.
  • ‘Stay clean’ coating on glass exterior reduces cleaning frequency.
  • Easier and quicker to install with VELUX Flexi Loc system. (TWR).

NB: For best performance VELUX recommends TWR for shafts over 1m.
* Sun Tunnels are not suitable for roof pitchesbelow 15°.
^ Bushfire testing applicable to roof pitches 18°-60°. TWR only.

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