Wonderglas GCP translucent sheeting is so good, and so far ahead it has a lifetime Warranty.

Until now, domestic polyester sheeting has not has the exceptional surface protection offered by the latest surface coating technology. Wonderglas GCP is also heavier in weight at 1500 gms so it allows longer spans. Another big benefit is its relatively high shade factor, while providing plenty of soft, even light, it is much cooler below than transparent sheeting. Wonderglas GCP is also 99% UV safe.


  • 6 exciting new fashion colours.
  • No noise, no glare.
  • Soft, natural light.
  • 99% protection against UV rays.
  • No surface erosion (fibre show).
  • High shade factors mean less heat below.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Affordable.

Available Profiles

Custom Orb / Corrugated
Traditional, corrugated roofing & walling

Wonderglas GCP

5 Rib / Trimdek
Rib-and-pan roofing & walling


Spanning Capacity

Domestic Grade GCP
Profile Max. Span
Corrugated 900mm
5 Rib 1000mm

The span between battens or supports should not exceed the above measurements

Sheet Coverage

Unit: mm

Sheets 1 2 3 4 5
5 – Rib 760 1580 2340 3100 3860
Corrugated 760 1620 2380 3140 3900

Wonderglas GCP

Maximum Recommended Curves

Maximum purlin space is 750mm when curving sheets.

Wonderglas GCP

Light and Heat Transmission

Wonderglas GCP has a relatively high shade factor but provides plenty of soft light without uncomfortable levels of heat being transmitted as well. Providing there is good ventilation, temperatures under Wonderglas GCP are lower than in direct sunlight, and cooler than under transparent sheeting. The transmitted light and shade factors are shown next to the colours, both factors vary by colour.

Wonderglas GCP

Wonderglas GCP

Wonderglas GCP

Wonderglas GCP

Wonderglas GCP

Wonderglas GCP


The extra strength of “Wonderglas GCP” allows longer spans between purlins. It doesn’t expand and contract as much as transparent roofing, so there is no need to use messy anti-noise tape under the sheet.

“Wonderglas GCP” sheeting resists scratching, is light, easily drilled or sawn and quickly fixed to roofing timbers using Zammit Roofing screws and sealing washers. Sheets can be curved, as shown in the table, so you can create a great new look. To complete the job, profiled end closure strips are available.


Use a fine tooth handsaw or a power saw fitted with a masonry type cut-off blade. Support the sheet close to where you are cutting, remember to wear protective goggles when using any power tool. Most outlets will order your required length custom cut up to a maximum of 8 metres in length.


Zammit Roofing fixing screws and weatherproof seals should always be used. For normal domestic installations we recommend 50mm x 10g screws with 26mm seals. The screws holes must be a minimum of 8mm in diameter to allow for expansion and contraction of the sheet as temperatures change.


Corrugated sheets should be crest fixed at every second or third corrugation on the ends and every third or fourth on the intermediate supports. 5-Rib sheets should be crest fixed on each rib at the ends and every second rib at the intermediate supports.


In most domestic applications end laps will not be required. Should they be necessary, make over a batten and apply 2 continuous beads of non hardening silicone (Seal-Once), or closed cell foam strip (3mm x 25mm). In installations when safety mesh is used, Zammit Roofing isolation tape should be applied between the mesh and the sheet.


Always store in a cool dry location. Do not place heavy objects on the sheets to avoid surface damage.

Wonderglas GCP

Wonderglas GCP

Wonderglas GCP