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Excludes 99% of harmful UV Rays

Polycarbonate sheeting is a product of the space age; an advanced plastic polymer with optical and physical properties that can’t be matched by other materials. It has high resistance to the weathering effects of UV rays and yellowing of sheets is minimized over the lifetime. Impact strength is up to 150 times that of tempered glass and normal hail won’t cause damage.

“Solasafe” is available in a range of colours over the various profiles. In warmer climates the tinted sheets provide a reduction in transmitted heat as well as reduced glare. Often tinted sheets are used to blend in with existing colour schemes or other roofing.

Peace of mind lifetime warranty

“Solasafe” polycarbonate sheeting is Warranted by Zammit Roofing to give long service under normal usage. Protection against excessive yellowing of the sheet (as detailed in the Warranty section below) is for lifetime from the date of purchase. Damage from heavy hail up to 19mm in diameter in high winds is covered for five years.

Inbuilt UV protection

Today UV rays are stronger than ever due to the degree of ozone layer depletion. “Solasafe” polycarbonate provides two way protection. Integral surface treatment will prevent UV degradation of the sheet surface and help prolong its life under the tough Australian sun. The sheeting also blocks 99.9% of harmful UV rays so you can enjoy the sun without sunburn.

More about “Solasafe” polycarbonate

Excellent light transmission. Clear sheets transmit some 90% of glorius daylight. See the Light and Heat transmission table below for the percentages applicable to the various colour sheets.

In cool climates, clear sheeting allows good heat transmission while cutting out 99.9% of harmful UV rays. If you live in a hot climate, we recommend using the opal, or tinted sheets, to help reduce heat.

Fire Safety. Polycarbonate sheeting is rated as a self extinguishing building material. Complies with AS 1530.3, 1989 and Amendment 1-1992 Early Fire Hazard Test.

Strong lightweight polycarbonate is easy to handle and fix. Drilling doesn’t cause sheet fracture. See “Fixing Detail” for hole sizes to suit the “Zammit Roofing” 10g screws and the use of correct weatherproof seals.

All roofing materials expand and contract to some degree and screw holes must be oversize to allow for this; follow the “Solasafe” fixing guide for best results.

Polycarbonate sheeting is weakened by many chemicals including paint, cover sheet and avoid paint spots. Never use a sealant other than a co-polymer sealant which is specifically formulated to be compatible with polycarbonate; see also Spanning Capacity. The close fitting of sheets reduces the chance of water drips from the side/end laps, so sealing is seldom needed.

“Solasafe” is stable at temperatures of -40°C to +110°C. It does not distort or soften in heat but store under cover prior to installation.

Available Profiles



There are so many ways to use Zammit Roofing “Solasafe” polycarbonate. And, the cost is moderate, so it’s good value too. If you want plenty of light, lasting protection from the sun, and a great home feature, start by drawing up a simple plan.

Zammit Roofing sheeting is lightweight and easy to handle and install. Even projects such as an outdoor living area or carport can be a satisfying Do-It-Yourself job.

Before you order materials or commence to build you should check that your proposed work complies with local council by-laws. Minimum recommended roof pitch is 5º.

The tables below give you the maximum span between battens or purlins for the various profiles. Sheet lengths available are also shown, and the “Sheet coverage table” helps you calculate how many sheets to buy.

Spanning Capacity

Solasafe Polycarbonate
Profile END MID
Corrugated 800mm 900mm
Greca 900mm 900mm
Trim Deck 900mm 1000mm

When rafter spacing coincides with sheet overlaps the roof appears join free. Note: We recommend the use of anti-noise self adhesive Foam Tape along Battens and Purlins to minimise friction noise generated by expansion and contraction of the sheets.

If sealing is required at overlaps or fixings, use only a *co-polymer sealant which is specifically formulated to be compatible with polycarbonate. Never use any type of ordinary silicone, or any other sealants, as they weaken the sheets and cause fractures. Use of an incorrect sealant voids the warranty.

*Available from Zammit Roofing

The span between battens or supports should not exceed the above measurements

Sheet Coverage Table

Profile 1 Sheet 2 Sheets 3 Sheets 4 Sheets 5 Sheets
Corrugated 760mm 1620mm 2380mm 3140mm 3900mm
Trim Deck 760mm 1570mm 2330mm 3090mm <3850mm
Greca 760mm 1570mm 2330mm 3090mm 3850mm

Corrugated sheets should have 1.5 overlaps, 1 rib only on 5 Rib sheets and Greca. Overlaps should face away from prevailing wind.

Sheet Lengths

Colours Lengths Profiles
Clear 1.8m – 8.1m All Profiles
Opal, Lt. Bronze, Grey 1.8m – 8.1m Greca, Corrugated
Opal, Lt. Bronze, Grey 1.8m – 6.0m Trim Deck
Dark Tint, Wheat, Green 1.8m – 6.0m Corrugated Only
Available lengths, metres 1.8, 2.1, 2.4, 2.7, 3.0, 3.6, 4.2, 4.8, 5.4, 6.0, 8.1

In addition to these stock lengths a cut to size service is available through most outlets.

Light and Heat Transmission

Colours Light Heat
Clear 91% 85.2%
Opal 55% 40.2%
Grey 26% 50%
Light Bronze 36% 60.6%
Dark Tint 17% 38.9%
Wheat 30% 38.1%
Green 48% 65%
Smooth Cream 44% 35.2%
Mist Green 20% 37.3%
Pearl Ice 48% 32.5%
Silver Mist 17% 22%
Light transmission in accordance with AS/NZS 4257.4


Carefully follow all Zammit fixing instructions in this section. Because polycarbonate expands up to 16.2mm over 6 metres, we do not recommend using longer sheets although they are available at some outlets.

  • “Solasafe” is fixed and flashed on similar principles to steel roofing.

    Note: Minimum recommended fall for corrugated and greca is 5°, this is approximately 88mm per metre of sheet length. As an example: a 3.6 metre sheet requires a minimum fall of 300mm.

    With Trim Deck profile, 3° fall is sufficient – for 3.6 metres this is 180mm. We strongly recommend using Trim Deck when the roof pitch is minimal. If insufficient fall is allowed, sheets may leak at the side laps and sag.

  • Before fixing sheets apply self adhesive foam anti-noise tape along the battens or purlins to minimise the noise generated by sheet movement. Start by fixing the first sheet at the end farthest from the usual wind direction. the side laps then face away from the wind. If end laps are necessary, start laying at a bottom corner. Polycarbonate has UV surface protection on one side only; it must be installed as directed on the label.
  • Side Laps. Corrugated profile is side lapped 1.5 corrugations. Greca is lapped 1 rib, but depending on the degree of exposure and weather proofing required, this can be increased to two ribs.
  • Screws, Weatherproof Seals and Sealant. Roofing sheets are crest fixed, but walls can be valley fixed. It is important to use only Zammit grey domed seals, that are chemically compatible with Polycarbonate. As an alternative, use “Clearfix” fasteners with seal and clearance cutter combined. If sealing is required at side and end laps, or screw seals, use a co-polymer sealant especially formulated to be compatible with polycarbonate. Incompatible sealants weaken the sheeting and voids Warranty.
  • Drilling screw holes. To allow for the expansion and contraction of sheets, holes must be drilled oversize. Using 12g screws the holes are 11mm in diameter. The “Clearfix” cutter and seal assembly creates the correct clearance as it drills.
  • Spans, Overhang and End Laps. Please refer to the Span tables above and do not exceed the measurements shown. Overhang at the eave must not exceed 100mm and be less in high wind areas. Total end lap at battens or purlins should not exceed 200mm as shown below.
  • Cleaning. Use only a soft brush and soapy water. No abrasives. We recommend cleaning twice a year and when bird soil etc.. are apparent.
  • Condensation. Under single skin roofs, and especially in cold weather, some condensation is generally un-avoidable. Good ventilation will always help to minimize condensation.

Recommended Curves


Zammit Roofing Accessories

Flashing / Capping


End Closure Strips

End Closure Foam Strip


Anti-noise Tape

We recommend the use of self adhesive foam tape on batterns to reduce noise created by expansion and contraction of the sheeting.


Solasafe features a lifetime warranty. For full warranty details, please contact your nearest Zammit office.