Case Study


The situation

Warringah Mall is one of Sydney’s major shopping centres located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Every day thousands of shoppers converge on the mall to shop, browse, have a meal or see a movie as well as just as a meeting place.

From time to time normal maintenance and improvements are required to keep the mall in pristine condition for the safety and comfort of the Malls customers.


Various maintenance requirements were needed for the roofing system.


Replacement of roof, cappings and flashings for particular section to match existing roof with Zammit Roofing supplying all the flashings and penetrations. All materials were Colorbond and the colour was Surf Mist.

The sheets for roofing were very long at about 30 metres long utilising Speed-Deck – a specific profile of roof sheeting. Cappings were all supplied in surf-mist Colorbond 0.55.

The flashings are tapered bent from one side to another. Bending in the sheet usually 50 ml and with a rake. The flashings were all hand done hand tampered and hand bent. This project was outside of the normal project we provide and although a difficult process as it was slow and time consuming we were able to facilitate the project requirements. Because of the shape of the roof at Warringah Mall it had to be done this way.

The other challenges on the project included:

Very large 50 metre sections had to be individually lifted off the ground and of course transported and delivered safely.

The sheets of Colorbond flashing were 1.2 metres by 5 metres and had to be transported on pallets in a special method that ensures no damage to the flashing.